Sometimes we fall into a never-ending cycle where we're stuck pulling ourselves down, not letting ourselves succeed. "Roses" tells everyone's story of dealing with and overcoming obstacles and is represented in this abstract and cyclical video. 

Directors: Diego Huacuja & Carlos Lopez Estrada
Illustration: Diego Huacuja "deachete"
Animation director & compositing: Diego Huacuja 
Lead animator: Pablo Diaz
Animators: Pablo Diaz, Carlos Miguel, Alberto Bala, Jesus Vargas, Diego Huacuja, 
Animation Intern: Sophiana Oliva
Basa Producer: Melissa Lopez Ley
Produced by Basa

Written by George Watsky & Mikos
Produced by Mikos & Kush Mody
Drums- Chukwudi Hodge
Mixed by Andrew Oedel
Mastered by Howie Weisenberg & Gentry Studer

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