We are proud to have designed and animated the branding and identity for the 4th Edition of Cutout Fest (2012), the biggest animation festival in Latin America. 

Playing with the idea of coexistence and balance, we created a hybrid of analog and digital video. The analog elements were created painting our hands black and manipulating ropes in front of a dark cyclorama, and the digital elements are represented by the idea of order and caos synchronizing in two worlds. The audio was also part of the central concept; we recorded nature sounds and created a unique mix inspired by foley. We worked for over 4 months to create the design, branding, poster, teasers and other elements that were used for the festival. Amazing job from Cutout Fest crew Miguel, Bianca, Daniela and many staff members behind them.

Produced by Basa
Director: Humberto Zamorate
Design: Alejandra Portilla
Animation: Humberto Zamorate
Audio design: Wetback Audio
Audio designer: Igor Figueroa

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