New music video created for Watsky
"Conversations" is part 1 of 4 interconnected songs/videos called "Lovely Thing Suite" from Watsky recent album "x Infinity".
Full animated illustrations, with mixed frame by frame and after effects animation.
Carlos Lopez Estrada invites me to direct with him this new series of videos for Watsky, an amazing artist and musician. 
We decide to have unique illustrations, strong visuals playing with the abstraction and some symbolism elements used among the concept and lyrics.

Special thanks to Carlos. Working with him is alwasy pure magic.

Directed and Produced by Diego Huacuja & Carlos Lopez Estrada
Animation Director & Art Director: Diego Huacuja aka "deachete"
Animators: Diego Huacuja & Pablo Díaz
Produced by Basa
Sound: Michael O'Connor

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